Vanusa – Vanusa (1969)

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As promised, we came back at least for now in a slightly smaller format, we intend to return to the old layout, with historical facts and further analysis in another cycle of our wide galaxy. We will improve the tag system, increase our rotativity (with the same quality) and start bringing exclusive rips, like this wonderful Brazilian gem today.

Vanusa Santos Flores (22/9/1947, Cruzeiro, São Paulo) on its only second LP release is somewhat between romanticism, psychedelia, soul and a bit of experimentalism, Tropicalia like, though their composers aren’t top-notch stars, this is the testament that even Brega (tacky) artists always subjugated by critics and the so-called intelligentsia produced fantastic examples of vanguard inside the commercial musical market (Universal, Sony, Warner, EMI).Psychedelic Diva

Vanusa’s visceral performance throughout the album is simply dazzling, a foxy Janis Joplin on its peak moments, accompanied by a garage band brushstrokes with a beautiful brass and strings arrangements by maestro Portinho.

Radical 1969, post-AI-5 scenario.

Though she appeared with the Jovem Guarda movement, Vanusa circulated freely by all spheres of Brazilian popular music to long-70s, slowed the pace in the ’80s and now in 2014 is up to release a new album in more than 10 years!

Live, 1969
Live, 1969

The ‘IM’ highlights are for Sunny and CaminhemosRelish all spices and शुभ यात्रा!

Tracks Include:

A1 Meu Depoimento
(Fábio / Paulo Imperial)

A2 Que Você Está Fazendo Neste Lugar Tão Frio
(Tom Gomes / Luis Vagner)

A3 O Que É Meu É Teu
(Sílvio Brito)

A4 Teu Regresso
(Fábio / Paulo Imperial)

A5 Espere
(Carlos César / Alexandre Cirus)
A6 Hei Sol

B1 Atômico Platônico
(Jean Pierre / Fernandes)

B2 Sunny
(Bobby Hebb)

B3 Eu Sei Viver Sozinha
(Vanusa / Juca)

B4 Hey Joe

B5 E Você Não Diz Nada

B6 Caminhemos
(Herivelto Martins)


Coordenador Artístico: Fábio

Diretor Artístico: Alfredo Corleto

Arranjos:  Maestro Portinho

RCA Victor BBL 1505

The Diva, lately
The Diva, lately

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