Charlotte Walters – Single (1969)


Unfortunately, today’s record does not presently have any information about their singer, apparently, she released this single and disappeared!

We will leave to talk about the famous Nouvelle Chanson, its composers, lyricists and main artists in future posts. Here we already see the collaboration of the great Etienne Roda-Gil in these hallucinated lyrics and the legendary Hubert Rostaing in exquisite arrangements! With haunted female voices, exotic grooves, organ, tabla and a dark psychedelic scenario that drives this amazing 7”. ボン·ヴォヤージュ!

Tracks Include:

A Angel of Sin (Chloe Walters, E. Roda-Gil)

B Fleurs de Pavots Bleus (H. Rostaing, E. Roda-Gil)


  • Orchestra, ConductorHubert Rostaing


Les Industries Musicales Et Electriques Pathé Marconi

Pathé ‎– 2C 006-10609 M / Nov 1969

BB in Cannes, 1953
BB in Cannes, 1953

Fleurs de Pavots Bleus

Fleurs de pavots bleus, au cœur de nos villes

Fleurs de pavots bleus, au cœur de nos villes

Chardons venimeux, au sein des principes

Chardons vénéneux, dans nos républiques,


Voyages monstrueux, dans la nuit des songes, de nos songes

Voyages monstrueux, dans la mer des songes

Sous les pavots bleus, sous les pavots bleus

Coulent les villes, nos villes, nos villes, nos villes.

Author: gabaguillar

Interstellar Traveller

2 thoughts on “Charlotte Walters – Single (1969)”

  1. My first thought is ‘Ooh La La!’ which does show my age – I can never get enough of that exquisite French pop of the late sixties and seventies and this is just exceptional – what a find!

    Even without the Anglo ‘Angel of Sin’ title, you just know the angels she is singing are nothing to do with catholic virtue and everything to do with the more carnal aspects of angelic existence. The flip-side curiously reminds me of the early eighties independent music I grew up with here in the UK – not exactly Young Marble Giants, Marine Girls or Virginia Astley, but something close…

    Not come across the exact term ‘Nouvelle Chanson’ before, but I obviously get the meaning and am eager to learn more!

    Merci! Merci! Merci!


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