100.000 + Beyond!

Star Chart

In cosmological times five years are absolutely nothing, but here for us, mere carbon-based mortals, the period that we took off from the Milky Way served as a way to behold the vastness of our yard. There was too much-troubled water that ran over this bridge: the restart (and the assurance) of a relationship, a coup d’ètat, lots of movings and departures, the beginning and the end of a job and a country submerged in obscurantism.

Seems a lot, and it really is, but we’re still here. To all matelots stellaires, its commentaries and interactions throughout the ‘IM’ it means a lifetime, THANK YOU!

Now that we’ve passed an important mark of 100.000 flights, we’ll be able to enter a new phase with fresh arrangements and such, so buckle up and get ready resenärer!

Author: gabaguillar

Interstellar Traveller

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