About the ‘IM’ (2020) [Repost]

“The Interstellar Skie.. hath .. so much Affinity with the Starre, that
there is a Rotation of that, as well as of the Starre.” ~ Francis Bacon (1626)

The Interstellar Medium is the material that fills the space between the stars.

Many people imagine outer space to be a complete vacuum, devoid of any material. Although the interstellar regions are more devoid of matter than any vacuum artificially created on earth, there is matter in space. In total, approximately 15% of the visible matter in the Milky Way is composed of interstellar gas and dust.

Interstellar Medium

The content of the text, photos in posts, as the page in general, may change over time, as the succession of the days, our seasons, vil det regne i dag?

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Author: gabaguillar

Interstellar Traveller

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