About the ‘IM’ (2020) [Repost]

“The Interstellar Skie.. hath .. so much Affinity with the Starre, that
there is a Rotation of that, as well as of the Starre.” ~ Francis Bacon (1626)

The Interstellar Medium is the material that fills the space between the stars.

Many people imagine outer space to be a complete vacuum, devoid of any material. Although the interstellar regions are more devoid of matter than any vacuum artificially created on earth, there is matter in space. In total, approximately 15% of the visible matter in the Milky Way is composed of interstellar gas and dust.

Interstellar Medium

The content of the text, photos in posts, as the page in general, may change over time, as the succession of the days, our seasons, vil det regne i dag?

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Seasons of Change + STORE

Star Chart

Flowing through quantic frequencies at the edge of the Milky Way we’re able to reach multiple dimensions and countless stars to finally slow down and arrive at a new phase. The site will have more regular but shorter posts, updates, an official Store on the horizon and new possibilities that are still dormant as we continue to count with everyone to help us with donations, suggestions and your true passion with the whole Interstellar Medium enterprise. Let us finally embark on matelots stellaires?

100.000 + Beyond!

Star Chart

In cosmological times five years are absolutely nothing, but here for us, mere carbon-based mortals, the period that we took off from the Milky Way served as a way to behold the vastness of our yard. There was too much-troubled water that ran over this bridge: the restart (and the assurance) of a relationship, a coup d’ètat, lots of movings and departures, the beginning and the end of a job and a country submerged in obscurantism.

Seems a lot, and it really is, but we’re still here. To all matelots stellaires, its commentaries and interactions throughout the ‘IM’ it means a lifetime, THANK YOU!

Now that we’ve passed an important mark of 100.000 flights, we’ll be able to enter a new phase with fresh arrangements and such, so buckle up and get ready resenärer!


Hello friends! it’s been a while since our last entry, lots of things happened in the meantime: some trips, the end of a relationship, health problems, Carnival

But here we are, to let you know that we’re alive and it is with great joy that we come to the number of 10.000 visitors (see the tistics down below), a tiny number close to our celestial sphere… but very significant for the blogosphere, THANK YOU!

I’ve been thinking about changing the style of the posts in order to gain time, decreasing the size of the texts, but not its full contents.

Let’s try it in the coming days, dearest stellaires matelots, ok?


A Quick Message

Welcome you all!!

The ‘IM’ starts today, slowly, almost in a test, trying to bring western (Brazil, Argentina, Greece, Israel) and eastern (Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Indonesia) winds for your ears, heart, and xhol! Music with or without classification, Mono, Stereo or Quad, from Yesterday, Today, Side A, B or Z, with reference to the Psychedelic world, ah la Psichedelia, che bella è!

Along the way, I intend to provide part of my personal collection of vinyl, with higher quality rips and scans in high resolution, however, this is only possible with time, the inevitable mediator of life! We will need to undergo some tests to understand the rights and wrongs, gain mutual acceptance, to finally know the paths that may or may not follow…

その後、私はここに終わる (Sonogo, Watashi Wa Koko Ni Owaru), tous à bord, για ένα ταξίδι χωρίς επιστροφή!