Hello friends! it’s been a while since our last entry, lots of things happened in the meantime: some trips, the end of a relationship, health problems, Carnival

But here we are, to let you know that we’re alive and it is with great joy that we come to the number of 10.000 visitors (see the tistics down below), a tiny number close to our celestial sphere… but very significant for the blogosphere, THANK YOU!

I’ve been thinking about changing the style of the posts in order to gain time, decreasing the size of the texts, but not its full contents.

Let’s try it in the coming days, dearest stellaires matelots, ok?


A Quick Message

Welcome you all!!

The ‘IM’ starts today, slowly, almost in a test, trying to bring western (Brazil, Argentina, Greece, Israel) and eastern (Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Indonesia) winds for your ears, heart, and xhol! Music with or without classification, Mono, Stereo or Quad, from Yesterday, Today, Side A, B or Z, with reference to the Psychedelic world, ah la Psichedelia, che bella è!

Along the way, I intend to provide part of my personal collection of vinyl, with higher quality rips and scans in high resolution, however, this is only possible with time, the inevitable mediator of life! We will need to undergo some tests to understand the rights and wrongs, gain mutual acceptance, to finally know the paths that may or may not follow…

その後、私はここに終わる (Sonogo, Watashi Wa Koko Ni Owaru), tous à bord, για ένα ταξίδι χωρίς επιστροφή!